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Caz Campbell

Me & My Story: 

Hi I'm Caz, and welcome to HappyKindCalm. My husband and I have 2 girls and live in Newbury, Berkshire. My main other loves in life are music and animals, especially dogs. This website is to bring together my three "hats" that I do for work, that all have the common theme of happiness, kindness and calmness - whether it's for yourself, your baby or child, or out of interest for a friend or family member.

My background is science - I've got a BSc degree in Zoology and worked in medical science for 7 years. 

After having children, I trained to become a baby massage instructor. I love the biological benefits of massage - hearing a baby has slept or poo'd well after massage is just brilliant! But the best part is seeing a baby gaze into his / her parent's eyes, the bonding moments are beautiful. 

Watching my girls grow I wanted to learn more about child development, parenting and coping with life's struggles. So I studied, and continue to study, courses in mental health, trauma and addiction, anxiety and depression and positive parenting. I trained as a therapeutic emotional and NLP coach as well as achieving counselling skills certificates. My passion is helping people by empowering them - to guide them to find their own solutions that will last a lifetime. 

I also wrote a book called "Donkey on a Waffle" which started as writing out interesting facts, tips and quotes for my daughters for later on in life. It grew into something that is useful, fun and motivational for anyone, from teenagers to pensioners!

There are more details about these three "hats" in the relevant sections, and feel free to email me with any questions.


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