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Baby Massage

Baby massage is about learning how to massage your baby while getting to know other new parents. There are many benefits to massage such as relieving any digestive issues like constipation, colic or reflux, easing congestion, stimulating the immune system and improving sleep (in the baby and you!). It's a HappyKindCalm course - it's relaxing, bonding experience for you and your baby as well as having a social element chatting with other parents. I encourage both parents to learn massage and I even have baby's siblings come help which is beautiful! 


I trained with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). In the classes we go through a bit of theory behind baby massage, learn different strokes every week and then there are also discussions around various parenting topics. 



I provide organic, cold pressed coconut oil, but other oils like olive and sunflower are also fine, just avoid essential oils or strong scents as these can be overpowering for your baby.



Baby massage can be taught from birth and I'd recommend this if your baby has any issues like colic. However, as newborns sleep a lot more, some people like to wait a few weeks so they get more massage done in class. I'm afraid I can't take babies in classes who are already crawling and exploring!

A face to face group course is 5 sessions and costs £56
A 1 to 1 course is 3 sessions and costs £90


Face to face courses take place in Greenham, Berkshire. Or I can come to your home in and around Newbury, so West Berkshire or North Hampshire. This can be for group or 1 to 1 classes.


Days and times are flexible, please do get in touch with any requests or questions.

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Emily-Jade Wescombe

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our baby massage sessions. We are so sad they've come to an end.

The massages on my daughters chest really helped with her congestion when full of cold.

Caz made us feel really at ease and welcomed us into her home. It was such a calm environment that it was so nice to sit back and relax and bond with my little girl.

It was so lovely to meet other Mums as well.

A massive MASSIVE thank you. X

Katie Smith

Caz is such a warm friendly person, I’ve attended her classes for both my babies and can’t recommend her enough. The massage works wonders for my boys. Caz also makes people feel so at ease, gently supporting those on her courses, reminding us that we’re doing fantastically as mums! I’d highly recommend!

Sarah Devlin

I absolutely loved Caz’s baby massage class, so much in fact that I kept going back to classes with my little girl whose now 9 months! Caz is a genuine, warm and welcoming person and I learnt great ways to keep my baby calm & through the skin to skin contact I definitely felt that it helped me bond with my baby. I also learnt titbits of information from Caz and other mums which helped me in my journey as a new mum. It’s a really nice environment, where you can learn, share and feel calm which just felt like a nice bubble to be in !


Parents Reviews

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