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Donkey on a Waffle


This phrase is from an urban phrase meaning to make something a priority or to get on with a task - "I'm all over it, like a donkey on a waffle". It's also the title of a book I've written which was published on Amazon in November 2020.


The book began with me writing bits of advice for my daughters, for when they're adults. I started a book of notes, set up email accounts for them, and started sending things I wrote, pictures, articles, quotes – so collectively they’d be lessons in life for when they may need them.


There is so much advice, information and scientific research out there on how to be happy, calm, kind and live a better life - it can be a tad overwhelming, with a lot of overlap. I did a load of research, put it all in layman's words and condensed it in one place. Exploring, learning and writing it all was fantastic therapy, fascinating and fun!


There are 52 HappyKindCalm topics, most are particularly meaningful since covid hit, such as the importance of Positivity, Resilience, Environment, Being Present, Motivation, Relationships etc. So I hope the book is helpful, fun and inspirational to every reader! 

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I’ve written a few articles for Psychologies Magazine Life Labs and I also write a weekly blog for West Berkshire Villagers.

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Reader Reviews


A positive read, this book helps you to take notice of your thoughts and feelings as well as the world around you in a positive way. Promoting happiness, kindness and calmness as well as giving simple scientific explanations. It’s written in short sections in a relaxed, friendly and open way making it easy to take in and encourages the reader to try a task at the end of each section to bring more of that area or topic into their life.

H.K. Taylor

I absolutely love this book - not only is it a beautiful book but it's also incredibly useful. I love the way that each section is only a couple of pages long, so you can really get to grips with the topic quickly and the practical tips are so helpful. I also love the fact that the book is there to be used and to make your own - the space at the end of each topic for tasks is such a great addition and really helps with self-reflection and setting easy achievable goals. This book has really helped me to understand myself better and has had a hugely positive impact on my well-being.


This book is a lovely book to read and one of those you can pick up and put down, but learn so much about self care and life! It has lots of information A to Z centred on self care, kindness and compassion and even has its own Facebook page of same name. There are also tasks to complete which don't take too long I thoroughly recommended it.

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