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Emotional Coaching  

I'm a qualified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, using NLP techniques, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Counselling Skills - with an imaginative approach. I believe all therapists should be continually studying to keep up to date and further their knowledge, so my areas of interest at the moment are trauma, addiction, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), anxiety, depression and disordered eating. The coaching I do is solution focused, empowering the client to work out how they'd like to change, manage and make things better for themselves. All working towards a HappyKindCalm way of living day to day. 



With children, I teach them how all feelings are fine to have, and they're parts of us. However, sometimes we don't want certain feelings to be so strong. So there are lots of ways for us to understand and cope with feelings, using a creative, magic bag of things like drawing, stories, jigsaws and imagination that mainly comes from the child. We learn to use our feelings or "superpowers" such as brave, confident, happy, calm, self-worth etc to help us. One of the main points is that no child is bad, and no feeling is bad.


Teenagers and Adults:

With teenagers and adults, it is usually more listening and exploring. I use techniques that help us understand and recover from unwanted feelings, as well as looking positively towards wanted feelings and how to reach them in everyday life. The sessions totally depend on the client, and the techniques are tailored to you. There are techniques for anxiety, fears, anger, loneliness, self-esteem, confidence, motivation and more.

Sessions and Prices:
Sessions are up to 50 minutes and are £50 per session. This kind of therapy is solution focused, so usually people have between 4 and 10 sessions in total, but it totally depends on the person and the issues, as all are unique. Sessions can be done in person or via video call, whichever you find more comfortable. I cover areas in and around Newbury, so West Berkshire and North Hampshire.


I am also a "Well-being Warrior Practitioner". The programme is 6 weeks, each session is an hour long and includes teaching children about the 5 ways to well-being: physical, emotional, educational, taking notice of ourselves and connecting with others. The programme is interactive, fun as well as packed with learning for each child. 



Client Testimonial from a mum and teenage daughter:


"We really can’t thank you enough for your wonderful support over the last six months. From the moment we realised that Lucy was struggling, I felt totally lost and didn’t know where to turn.

Lucy and I were both quite nervous about meeting you but the moment we did, we were so comfortable with your kind and caring manner.

The work you did with Lucy gave her the chance to see things in a different way and really taught her how to be strong and proud of the person she is.  The techniques you showed her have enabled her to manage her anxiety’s giving her skills she can work with moving forward.

The difficult part for us will be to say goodbye to you, somebody that has made such a positive difference to our families life as such a tricky time for us.

Thank you so much, you have been amazing!!"

Client Testimonial from a mum and 8 year old daughter:

"My daughter was really struggling with anger issues and it was starting to affect the whole family on a daily basis with her tantrums, hitting and eruptions of anger aimed at everyone around her. 

Caz came to our house to do weekly sessions with her about feelings and emotions and how anger is a good emotion to have, it’s how we channel it and how we can make others feel around us by our own actions. My daughter did lots of drawings of her emotions and calming breathing and was very relaxed in talking to Caz. 

We noticed a huge difference after a few sessions with Caz and she is much happier and calmer about life in general. I would highly recommend Caz to anyone. She’s so kind, friendly and approachable and is clearly very good at what she does, has lots of skills and endless advice to offer to parents. 

Thank you Caz!"

Client Testimonial from Jess, 24 years old:

“Caz is warm and approachable. Her calming voice puts you immediately at ease and her welcoming personality enables you to feel you can speak openly. Caz has really helped me make a difference to my life by helping me get in touch with my emotions and learn to work together with them.” 

Client Testimonial for Well-being Warriors from a Class Teacher:

"Mrs Campbell has been working with Oak Class to develop their Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing taught through a series of fun and engaging lessons.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and were able to develop their understanding by taking part in a range of activities such as drama, drawing and discussion.  

It was clear to see that the children were taking the lessons on board; they were calmer, more empathetic and talked about how they have been able to understand their peers more and be kinder to their friends.

Mrs Campbell was an excellent Wellbeing Warrior practitioner.  She had well thought through lesson ideas, was able to adapt her lessons if necessary and had a range of resources prepared which the children were keen to use.  Mrs Campbell used a range of strategies to engage the children and support behaviour management.

I’m sure Oak Class would thoroughly recommend the Wellbeing programme as would I, and especially Mrs Campbell as an excellent practitioner."

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Client Reviews

Louise D.

I've had pangs of anxiety for a few seconds this week but I've been doing your visualization and the anchor and managing to the get the feeling away very quickly!

Amy S.

We can't thank you enough for all the amazing support you've given us over the past few months.


My daughter had a lot of issues around anxiety and self-esteem, and Caz helped with both, listening with warmth. She explained things around awareness and understanding of feelings which then helped with the processing and implementing of how to cope, how to feel calmer and more confident.

Michelle M.

My son really benefited from seeing Caz. She is so warm and understanding, explaining emotions on his level. He loved his sessions and is a different child now.


Caz was incredibly patient with my son, her coaching is fantastic and I'd happily recommend her to any friends. Thank you so much for helping him.

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